Shot on location in Guovdageaidnu (Kautokeino), Finnmark THANK YOU LORD takes us back to at time when “lihkahusat”, a state of Lestadian trance, occurred in Sápmi.

Elle Sofe Sara is a talented filmmaker and artist from Guovdageaidnu, Finnmark in Norway. In her work she aims to shed light on the social, political and cultural peculiarities and challenges of the Sámi people, often using both video art, film and dance. Her previous short film THANK YOU LORD was screened at 
TIFF 2019.

Cinema photographer and Editor: Andreas Ausland
Ribadit/ Pulling in the belt was a tradition in Sápmi. In this film we meet two elders who have experienced this. Director Elle Sofe is orchestrating this ancient tradition to life with energetic young people and dancers.

Won the The Moon Jury Award at ImagineNATIVE 

Cinema photographer and Editor: Andreas Ausland

Eahpáraš is a dangerous spirit of a dead newborn child and it haunts people. It urges for a name. The only way to baptise an Eahpáraš is to reverse the ordinary ceremony and give the disturbing spirit the name of an object. If the Eahpáraš manages to slip between your legs, you will risk to be trapped in a paranormal world. After the ritual, the spirit will shape shift to a ptarmigan and never haunt people anymore. 

Script and Director: Anne Merete A. Gaup

Editor: Andreas Ausland
"A little boy sits in a small hotel and yearns for better times."

Production design and props: Andreas Ausland
The first short out of three shorts done together with actor Anders Dale. 
Year: 2000 
Cinema photographer: Andreas Ausland

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