"Kill Buljo 2"
Production service.

Jompa Tormann is back, and everything is better, except the humor, which is even worse than in the first movie of vengeance.
Production design and props. 

A quirky romantic drama set in remote coastal Norway takes the viewer on a tumultuous ride through surfing aspirations, extreme weather and love.

production assistent and sound. 

Pia is coming home for Christmas after traveling in England for about 6 months. She wants to catch up with her boyfriend, Kristoffer, who was supposed to have joined her on the trip, but backed out at the last minute. Finding him, however, is turning out to be quite a task. While searching, she meets several more or less disgruntled and dissatisfied people. And when Santa turns up things start happening...

Pia Tjelta: Pia 
Kristoffer Joner: Kristoffer 
Vegar Hoel: Vegard

Mongoland was done on speck.

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