Norwegian actress GØRILD MAUSETH is challenged by the almost impossible task of playing ANNA KARENINA in a language she never spoke and in the author's home country. She embarks on a journey to learn Russian and discover the real reasons why Tolstoy (LIAM NEESON) wrote the novel. What Gørild does not know is that Anna Karenina will become the role of her life and change her forever.
Director: Tommaso Mottola
Gørild Mauseth...Anna Karenina 
Liam Neeson...Narrator
Cinematography by Andreas Ausland
Winner of: Best Cameraman`s work
Film & TV Festival Northern Charters 

Pictures from a Nordic drama

A documentary film that takes us behind the scenes of the art world and wanted to find answers to who decides what is good art. We get to know an art collection that meets unexpectedly hard opposition from Norwegian art institutions after launching and unknown and deceased, Norwegian artist with adventurous success abroad.
Producer: Paranord film AS v / Linn Henriksen
Directed by Nils Gaup
Screenplay: Nils Gaup
Cinematography by: Andreas Ausland

A film about the life of Regine Juhls. 
This is a newly started project. 

Directed by Jos Groenier
Cinematography by: Andreas Ausland

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